The first Future Sky Safety public workshop will take place in Brussels on the 8th and 9th of March 2017 at the EUROCONTROL Headquarters.

The event, “Future Sky Safety: a Joint Programme for Aviation safety” will be open to all the aviation safety stakeholders and will give the chance to discuss issues related to the aviation safety and in particular to the following key topics:

  • Reduction of Runway excursion;
  • Total aviation system risk prevention and mitigation;
  • Reduction of the likelihood of organisational accidents;
  • Improvement of pilot performance and reduction of human errors;
  • Mitigation of risk of fire, smoke and fumes in modern cabins.


The project managers of Future Sky Safety will deal with all these topics through speeches and presentations.

Furthermore, a poster session has been launched with the aim of involving students, researchers or projects willing to have an exceptional opportunity to share their research with their peers and with the aviation community.

The competition is managed and coordinated by Future Sky Safety Project 2; the key theme is the Aviation Safety and ideas about the following topics are welcome:

  • Runway excursion
  • Systems and methods for risk prevention and mitigation
  • Organizational safety
  • Human error and human performance in aviation
  • Risk of fire, smoke and fumes


All the information about the event and concerning the poster session are available at the following link