The Transport Research Arena will be held in Vienna in April 2018, the event will cover several topics hitting different interesting areas within the transport sector.

At the end of December 2016 a call for abstracts has been launched; the call concerns a wide range of topics, going from the environment and energy efficiency to the transport infrastructures or the human dimension in transport. All the topics mentioned in the call will refer to all the transport modes: rail, road, aviation and waterborne.

TRA 2018 will welcome different actors somehow involved in the transport field: researchers, academics, industries, SMEs, start – ups, public authorities, governmental bodies or non – governmental associations and many other stakeholders.

Every interested party is invited to submit papers of up to 500 words in English; the abstracts should include references to important achievements related to one or more of the 12 topics listed on the official website. The papers admissible could be of two different types: scientific or technical.

The deadline for submission is the 21st of March 2017.

All the needed information are available at the following link