SSH encompasses various disciplines – from sociology, psychology, communication and political science to economics, history, culture, law and ethics. It is evident that the knowledge for solving different societal challenges, including those related to the transport field, is spread across STEM (life and physical sciences, technology, engineering and mathematics) and SSH disciplines. SSH integration in Horizon 2020 projects can yield innovative solutions and products that are socially acceptable, directly applicable, marketable and cost-effective. In addition, SSH integration can substantially enhance the impact of the project and support effective dissemination of results and communication with the target group and the wider public.

The topics that require SSH integration are called “flagged for SSH” topics. There are two types of them:

  • Topics dedicated to SSH research: issues are framed mainly from the SSH perspective and most project partners come from SSH disciplines;
  • Topics with significant SSH component: SSH expertise is an integral, though not exclusive, part of the research design of topics, and solutions to the problem are to be generated by integrating knowledge stemming from both SSH disciplines and non-SSH disciplines such as natural sciences, medicine, engineering and technology

In relation to the work programme 2016-2017 of the 4th societal challenge “Smart, green and integrated transport”, the following topics are connected with SSH according to the distinction mentioned before:

Topics dedicated to SSH research – MG-8.5-2017 – Shifting paradigms: Exploring the dynamics of individual preferences, behaviours and lifestyles influencing travel and mobility choices

Topics with significant SSH component – MG-1-4-2016-2017 – Breakthrough Innovation, MG-4.1-2017 – Increasing the take up and scale-up of innovative solutions to achieve sustainable mobility in urban areas, MG-4.2-2017 – Supporting ‘smart electric mobility’ in cities, MG-5.4-2017 – Potential of the Physical Internet, MG-8.2-2017 – Big data in Transport: Research opportunities, challenges and limitations, MG-8.4-2017 – Improving accessibility, inclusive mobility and equity: new tools and business models for public transport in prioritised areas, MG-8.7-2017 – Future research needs and priorities in the area of transport, ART-07-2017 – Full-scale demonstration of urban road transport automation.

For more information about SSH integration in Horizon 2020 projects you can visit the website of Net4Society (the international network of National Contact Points for the Societal Challenge 6 “Europe in a changing world: inclusive, innovative and reflective societies”), available at: The website contains numerous documents and publications on SSH integration.