Training for NCPs

Training for NCP’s and NCP clients will be centered around four main thematic pillars, which will be further extended upon with detailed areas of training:

  • NCP landscape and structure: running an NCP office
  • Transitional training to HORIZON 2020
  • Comprehensive overview of European funding opportunities for Transport researchers
  • Transport research landscape in Europe and in non-European industrialised nations as well as ICPC countries

The aim of the training will be to prepare newly appointed  Transport NCP’s for the H2020 environment as well as to raise the competence of all NCPs. ETNA Plus will reimburse the costs (travel and accommodation) of one Transport NCP per country to attend each training session.

Training for stakeholders

The introduction in Horizon 2020 of new areas of activity and novel funding mechanisms provide a broad range of  new opportunities under the Transport programme for both new and existing participants including academia, SME’s, large industry, municipalities, service providers as well as infrastructure owners, operators and end-users

ETNA 2020 will address all aspects of the Transport programme via regular training sessions, webinars , newsletters etc. and will be continually adapted and updated to address changes to the programme and to address the needs and challenges of the Transport community.

What else is in this section?

2nd ETNA2020 Forum, Poole (UK), 17 May 2017

ETNA 2020 will host its second forum in Poole (UK) on the 17th of May 2017, in conjunction with the European Maritime Days 2017 (  ). During the event different topics will be addressed, following two main...

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ETNA 2020 1st Forum Presentations

Dear Transport NCPs, presentations from the first ETNA 2020 forum (20.04.2016 in Warsaw) are available for download under this link or at the bottom of this page.

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Training and ETNA Plus Academy in Tallinn

The last ETNA Plus training and the second edition of ETNA Plus Academy will be organised jointly, a unique occasion to meet researchers and stakeholders and share experiences with each other. The day training will approach broad aspects of proposal preparation in...

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