On 1st April 2015 Era-net Transport (ENT) will launch its second Flagship Call “Sustainable Logistics and Supply Chains”. This call responds to the need for transnationally coordinated Research, Innovation and Technology (RTI) towards an overarching view on logistics and supply chain planning and control, which involves all stakeholders (manufacturing, retail, logistic service providers, infrastructure and governments).  For more information see the attachment Pre-announcement ENT Flagship 2015 Call.pdf

On the 13th of May 2015 ENT, will organise the Call kick-off event in the Bloom hotel in  Brussels. It will be a one day event that will include:

  • Morning session conference: to explain topics and procedures of the 2015 Flagship Call
  • Brokerage event: to offer the potential applicants networking opportunities (includes profiles & project ideas presentation and bilateral meetings)

Further information about the call and kick-off event will become available soon on the ENT website: http://transport-era.net

Pre-announcement ENT Flagship 2015 Call