ETNA2020 is holding a training “EIT awareness day for Transport” with the kind support of the EIT House in Brussels, on November 22nd 2018, 09:00 – 15:30, Brussels.

This is a unique opportunity for NCPs, advisors of the Enterprise Europe Network and other related stakeholders of the transport innovation landscape to familiarize themselves with the EIT and understand the relation of selected Innovation communities with transport.  Participants will be showcased how multi-actor approaches, such as CIVITAS and JPI Urban Europe address transport challenges in a participatory and interdisciplinary context.


The event mainly focuses on European Institute of Technology as well as selected innovation communities whose actions relate to transport, specifically to urban mobility.  Mathea Fammels, Head of EIT liaison Office will explain the innovation model behind EIT, how it relates to H2020 as well as focus on the impact of EIT by presenting results and achievements.  In addition, the Regional Innovation Scheme will be presented aiming to boost innovation of European countries and regions belonging to the “modest and moderate” innovators group.

Selected Innovation communities, Climate KIC and EIT Inno Energy will present their actions in respect of urban transition, coal and gas, as well as transition towards electric vehicles, batteries, charging point infrastructure and clean air innovative solutions.

Multi actor initiatives such as CIVITAS and Joint Programming Initiative Urban Europe – JPI Urban Europe will be joining the event. It is worth noting the new Urban Mobility will pursue synergies with CIVITAS and JPI Urban Europe. Peter Staelens will present CIVITAS and highlight complementarities with the Urban Mobility KIC and Jonas Bylund will present JPI Urban Mobility as well as the new ERANET on urban mobility.

A panel discussion will follow with all representatives of innovation communities and multi actor initiatives in order to highlight how they deliver benefits to society and promote regional growth.


Participants will be more accustomed to the notion that transport – related challenges can be better dealt though multi-actor and transdisciplinary approaches.

Participants will have a better understanding the modus operandi of EIT and especially how the knowledge triangle of business – higher education – research helps address the innovation gap and delivers sustainable growth for regions.



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For information relating to the event you may contact Vassiliki Kalodimou ( from FORTH/PRAXI Network.