In the context of the European on-going transformation toward an efficient low-emission transport and a sustainable energy economy, the DG Research and Innovation (on behalf of the European Commission) has realized the Report “Batteries, a major opportunity for a sustainable society”.

Batteries have a relevant role in the field of energy storage. This is the reason why the EC always continues to foster battery research and innovation.

Thus, increasing the deployment of batteries in the transport and energy sectors may contribute to achieve the EU’s environmental and socioeconomic policy goals of decarbonisation, improving air quality and increasing industry’s competitiveness.

The Report, in order to analyze the role of batteries in the field of both transport and energy systems, is mainly focused  on three focus areas:

  • the transformation towards low-emission transport;
  • the production and storage of electricity from renewable energy sources;
  • the establishment of a sustainable and efficient value chain for batteries.

To read the Report visit the following page: