As part of the European Commission (EC) Directorate General for Maritime Affairs’ (DG MARE’s) European Maritime Day (EMD) event being held in Poole, UK on 18th and 19th May 2017, ETNA 2020 will be coordinating a workshop for highly innovative small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) with mature products or services that need support to take these to the market-place. SMEs that are EU-based or established in a country associated to Horizon 2020, can get EU funding and support for projects that will help them grow and expand their activities into other countries – in Europe and beyond. The dedicated SME instrument’s supports close-to-market activities, with the aim to give a strong boost to breakthrough innovation. Highly innovative SMEs with a clear commercial ambition and a potential for high growth and internationalisation are the prime target.

This workshop will explain what the SME Instrument is and how businesses can apply for it. It will also feature top tips for writing a successful application from an official Evaluator. The Workshop will be held on the afternoon of 18th May at 15:15 as part of the EMD and will be open to all who have registered for the full conference (register at