Within the framework of the Smart, Green and Integrated Transport Information Day (2 February 2015, Brussels), the project ETNA Plus organized a networking and brokerage event -jointly supported by ETNA plus and Enterprise Europe Network- focusing on the topics covered by the  Horizon 2020 calls published in December of 2014. The networking and brokerage event took place in the afternoon, following the informational sessions carried out by the European Commission in the morning.

A web page (https://www.b2match.eu/h2020transportcall2015/) was set up to organize the registrations to the brokerage event and to allow participants to interact and contact in advance. The full participants catalog (including participants’ details, organizations´ details and cooperation profiles) is available for download

Within the framework of the brokerage event, participants looking for partners had the opportunity to present their organizations and ideas for project proposals in 2 different ways:

  1. In the form of a brief oral presentation (4 minutes max), using templates specially designed for this purpose
  2. By participating in bilateral meetings (max. 15 minutes)

341 participants from 35 countries registered in the Brokerage event 35, most representatives were Spain (95), Belgium (77), United Kingdom (75) and Italy (62).

The oral presentations were organized following the areas that have any topic in the 2015 call. A total of 39 presentations were received, but due to received 3 late only 36 presentations were done during the event. The slides of all presentations (including those not showed at the event) are now available for download in pdf format

Regarding face-to-face meetings, more than 409 meetings were schedule in advance, complemented by more than 50 “spontaneous” meetings that arose during the course of the event.

We are happy to inform you that from now on you can register your partner search forms on line
ETNA Plus  encourages also  for submitting new  partner profiles to be published in partner search section.
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