Pre-proposal check for 2019 transport calls of H2020

Please be informed that ETNA 2020 project is planning an Academy (a Pre-proposal Check Event) for preparing and consulting project proposals for the second phase of MfG (Mobility for Growth) of  “The smart, green and integrated Transport” of the H2020 program or/and other H2020 project proposals related to transport issues being prepared for current calls (2019 calls) launched in 2018. Within the ETNA 2020 project, we finance the costs of experts evaluating applications, logistics as well as travel and accommodation costs of each coordinator selected for the event. It will be a one day event organized somewhere in Europe (to be decided) in end of August (29th or 30th ) or beginning of September (2nd or 3rd) 2019 (day to be decided).

As the Academy will be conducted close to deadlines, proposals should be quite advanced. Only 10 proposals from all over Europe will be qualified for the event.

The aim of the Proposal Check Event is to transfer useful knowledge to the proposers  and increase the chances for funding of their proposals.

Each applicant (coordinator) should send the application form by June 17th 2019 to the e-mail address The coordinators will by informed on the decision by July 15th 2019.

Please be informed that experts chosen for the Academy will sign

  • Declaration of no conflict of interest
  • Declaration of confidentiality

before they conduct the proposal check

Below you will find candidate topics for the Academy within Mobility for Growth call

Opening: 05 Sep 2018

16 Jan 2019 (First Stage)                              12 Sep 2019 (Second Stage)

Topic Type of action Topic budget
LC-MG-1-10-2019 (RIA) 10.00
LC-MG-1-5-2019 (RIA) 15.00
LC-MG-1-8-2019 (IA) 15.00
LC-MG-1-8-2019 (RIA) 8.00
LC-MG-1-9-2019 (RIA) 7.00
MG-2-6-2019 (RIA) 30.00
MG-2-7-2019 (RIA) 8.00
MG-2-8-2019 (RIA) 15.00
MG-2-9-2019 (RIA) 14.00