On 3-7 December 2018, the University of Salzburg (Austria) will host the 8th edition of the SESAR Innovation Days.

The SESAR Innovation Days represent the main instrument to share progress and disseminate results of its exploratory research programme. Unlike other scientific events in Air Traffic Management (ATM) research, the SESAR Innovation Days focus explicitly on exploratory research.

In this context, Researchers from universities, research institutions, airlines, air traffic service providers and industry are invited to submit papers (up to 8 pages) presenting exploratory research within the following areas:

  • Safety and security in a highly automated environment
  • Automation, robotics and autonomy
  • Human factors and decision support tools
  • Designing resilient ATM systems
  • Uncertainty, applied modelling and optimization techniques
  • Communications, navigation and surveillance (CNS) technical enablers
  • Complexity, data science and information management
  • Application of economics to facilitate a paradigm shift in ATM
  • Enabling change, including legal and regulatory aspects and the ATM innovation process
  • Innovative approaches in environment and meteorology
  • Remotely-piloted aerial systems
  • ATM operations, architecture and performance
  • Optimized ATM network management
  • High performing airport operations
  • Advanced air traffic services

The deadline for the contribution submission is the 28th September 2018.

Further information on https://www.sesarju.eu/news/call-contributions-8th-sesar-innovation-days