On 23 April 2018, Brussels will host an ad hoc Workshop for stakeholders about the Evaluation of the ITS Directive.

Thus, Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) apply Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to transport. In this field, the ITS Directive creates a framework supporting the coordinated and coherent development and use of Intelligent Transport Systems within the European Union.

In order to assess to which extent the ITS directive contributed to the faster and more coordinated deployment of ITS, it is established an Evaluation, aimed to understand if the Directive needs improvements or not.

The aforementioned Workshop is designed for the stakeholders providing for an opportunity to present and discuss the preliminary findings of the evaluation with experts and other stakeholders.

The deadline for the registration is the 6th of April 2018.

For further information, see at https://ec.europa.eu/transport/themes/its/events/stakeholder-workshop-evaluation-its-directive-23-april-2018_en