On 20 June 2018, Brussels will host the “EGVIA Workshop”. The Workshop will address the challenges and potential solutions for a large scale uptake of electro-mobility in Europe, focusing on the challenges of EVs integration into the grid in cities and peri-urban areas.

The workshop’s programme will consist of the following topics:

  • Electric Vehicles: challenges and opportunities for the grid
  • How to integrate electro-mobility in cities and peri-urban areas?
  • The automotive perspective: EGVI projects presentation
  • Panel discussion: how to solve the “chicken and egg” problem of the uptake of electro-mobility in Europe?

For further information and for the registration, please see at: https://mailchi.mp/999c714a5260/save-the-date-egvia-ertrac-1st-european-conference-on-results-from-road-transport-research-in-h2020-projects-29-3011-2017-brussels-487509?e=53a60b1ad3