On October 11th 2018, Vatican City (Rome, Italy) will host the first CHARIOT Workshop ‘’Towards a Cognitive Computing Platform Supporting a Unified Approach towards Privacy, Security and Safety (PSS) of Internet of Things (IoT) System’’.

CHARIOT is a Project funded under the Framework Programme Horizon 2020 with the intent to provide a design method and cognitive computing platform supporting a unified approach towards Privacy, Security and Safety of the IoT Systems. Among its main features, the application of a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technologies and of a block chain ledger as well as the implementation of a fog-based decentralized infrastructure for security integrity represent the Project’s key innovations.

The purpose of the first CHARIOT Workshop is to present the results achieved since the Project’s inception and facilitate the discussion of expected outcomes that might occur in the industrial areas of application of IoT, or Living Labs, such as Transports, including Rail and Airport, and Buildings.

Registrations will close on 25th September 2018.

More info on: https://bit.ly/2QofkWP